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You can partner with the Acts in Africa Initiative in bringing Pentecostal revival to Africa by becoming a member of the “120 Club.”

Before the Day of Pentecost 120 believers gathered in the upper room to seek God (Acts 1:15). As a result, God poured out His Spirit, and the New Testament church immediately became a powerful missionary force. As a 120 Club member, you will join with others to see the same thing happen in the church in Africa, and thus seeing a missions field will become a missions force!

As a “120 Club” Member you will commit yourself . . .

To pray regularly for a powerful Pentecostal revival to come to the church in Africa with millions of believers being filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered to reach the lost with the gospel.

To give at least $120 per year (or $10 per month) to the Acts in Africa Initiative to help enable the ministry to promote Pentecostal revival throughout Africa.

As a “120 Club” Member you will receive . . .

  • The Decade of Pentecost Report, a monthly report on the moving of the Spirit in the church across Africa.
  • The Intercessory Prayer Call, a monthly bulletin giving you direction as to how you can pray for Pentecostal revival in Africa, with a specific prayer emphasis for each month.

* Note: $10,000 will sponsor one Africa Azusa Conference or School of the Spirit where African leaders come to be trained, inspired, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. $500 will sponsor one African leader to attend a conference.

To join the “120 Club”…

Click here, or contact the Acts in Africa Initiative at the address below.

Acts in Africa Initiative
580-D Central Street
Springfield, MO 65802
Phone: 417-861-2511
E-mail: ActsinAfrica@agmd.org

Acct. No. 4324166 (40) SC: AIA-1