Who We Are

The Acts in Africa Initiative is a ministry commissioned by the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance and the Assemblies of God World Missions, USA (Africa Office), to help inspire a new Pentecostal awakening in the Africa Assemblies of God resulting in the greatest evangelistic and missionary advance in the history of the continent. At present the Africa Assemblies of God is comprised of 50 national churches, including 65 thousands local churches and 16 million constituents in sub-Sahara Africa and the Indian Ocean Basin.

Presently the Assemblies of God in Africa is experiencing exponential growth with about 16 million constituents meeting in more that 50 thousand churches in 50 countries in sub-Sahara Africa and the Indian Ocean Basin. This is up from 2.1 million constituents and 12 thousand churches in 1990.

Africa’s Decade of Pentecost

On Pentecost Sunday, 2010, the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance (AAGA) officially launched its “Decade of Pentecost” (2010-2020). During this10-year period the church is believing God for see 10-million new believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and mobilized as Spirit-empowered witnesses (Acts 1:8). AAGA believes that this outpouring and mobilization will result in millions of new believers coming to Christ, thousands of new Spirit-empowered churches being planted, and hundreds of new missionaries being called and deployed to the yet-to-be-reached tribes of Africa and the nations of the world.

The Ministry

Acts in Africa strives to implement means of enabling the church in Pentecostal doctrine, experience, and practice, with a focus on completing the Great Commission of Christ before Jesus’ soon coming (Matt. 24:14). The ministry works in strategic partnership with Africa’s Hope, Africa Harvest Ministries, the Eleventh Hour Institute, Pan-Africa Theological Seminary, All Nations Theological Seminary, Africa Tabernacle Evangelism, Africa Financial Empowerment, Link Up Africa, and the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance, representing 50 national churches in Sub-Sahara Africa and the Indian Ocean Basin.